Issues when attempting to process SDAT Phillips data on Linux machine

Hi, I am having issues when attempting to process the data within our lab. When I load the job file and hit process or when I attempt to run the data using the new job function, MATLAB spits back the following error (see photos attached, or printed error below photos); I have seen the latter two error lines on some other threads below, but couldn’t identify their fixes, and I am unsure what is causing the first two errors (unwrap and op_eccKlose). I am hoping once they have been resolved it will fix the subsequent errors. The errors only occur after hitting process, the raw data initially loads and looks okay. There shouldn’t be an issue with the data itself, as someone else in the lab used the same scanning sequences on the Phillips scanner and was able to process their data a year back; he did have the stat file though, which I know isn’t present in my .json path currently, but I am assuming this shouldn’t cause the phase error (if it is an I need it present let me know).

Using Ubuntu 22.04.2 and MATLab R2023a (with all required packages). I have tried removing osprey and redownloading it, but still encounter the same errors.

I am lost, so any help with this matter is greatly appreciated.

OspreyJob.txt (1.2 KB)

"Not enough input arguments.

Error in unwrap (line 12)
puw = unwrapLaplacian(phase, size(phase) ,voxel_size);

Error in op_eccKlose (line 40)

Error in OspreyProcess (line 376)
[raw,raw_ref] = op_eccKlose(raw, raw_ref); % Klose eddy current correction

Error in osp_onProc (line 37)
MRSCont = OspreyProcess(MRSCont);

Error while evaluating UIControl Callback."

Hi @Joseph,

This is just a single error (what you’re seeing is a backtrace : the first item is the “deepest” function call where the actual error originated, subsequent lines are stepping out from that, to the functions which called the one which eventually failed).

I think you might have some other package installed (unrelated to Osprey), which is replacing the usual matlab unwrap function with… something else.

Could you please run the command which unwrap and check what comes out? On my system it’s ending in toolbox/matlab/elfun/unwrap.m; if you see something substantially different, try removing that item from your matlab search path and see if that helps.



Hi Alex,

Thank you very much for your help with this. You got it, turns out another toolbox was replacing the usual unwrap. I had some other toolbox’s downloaded for QSM processing, so the FANSI toolbox was interfering here. I have removed it from the path and it has done the job.

Thanks again,

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