jobNIfTImrs Osprey errors

Hi Osprey folks!

For a large multi-center project I’d like to start processing mrs data in NIfTI format because all the non-MRS people involved are less familiar with twix, sdat, .7 files etc and it would be great to standardise the processing pipeline across centers.

Using the example data and jobNIfTImrs.m from osprey-develop, however, stops at the modelling step with the following error:

Reference to non-existent field 'basisSetFile'.

Error in osp_fitInitialise (line 126)
        basisSet = load(;

Error in OspreyFit (line 51)
[MRSCont] = osp_fitInitialise(MRSCont);

Using my own siemens 3T PRESS data, transformed to .nii.gz using spec2nii goes wrong at the load stage:

Error using plot
Data cannot have more than 2 dimensions.

Error in osp_plotLoad (line 217)
        plot(axesHandles.A, dataToPlot.ppm, dataToPlot.specs(:,rr) + rr*stag, 'k', 'LineWidth',
        0.5, 'Color',MRSCont.colormap.Foreground);

Error in osp_plotModule (line 216)
                temp = osp_plotLoad(MRSCont, kk,'ref' );

Error in osp_plotAllPDF (line 39)
                    osp_plotModule(MRSCont, 'OspreyLoad', kk, 'ref');

Error in OspreyLoad (line 202)
    osp_plotAllPDF(MRSCont, 'OspreyLoad')

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!