LCMODEL running error

Hi all!

I installed lcmodel following the tutorial LCModel's home page
But when I try tu run the model using lcmgui I get an empty .ps file and this error message:

*** LCModel elapsed time = 0 seconds ***

*** LCModel finished ***

cp: cannot stat ‘*table’: No such file or directory

Any help will be appreciated!

Hi @smcepeda,

It’s not clear how far you came in the installation/tutorial, are you trying to do a “test run”, or using your own data already?

If using your own data – could you please give a little more detail about your setup (eg, data format, and contents of the “control file”, which may be shown just before the run)?

Do the standard test runs work as expected? See chapter 4 of the LCModel manual, perhaps 4.3 is the most direct: try running $HOME/.lcmodel/bin/testrun and check for output in $HOME/.lcmodel/test/output/

Thanks @alex for your quick response.
I’m using my own data. Is a 2D PRESS mutivoxel from a 3.T Philips scanner. Files are in format .SDAT and .SPAR.

Here the control file:

deltat= 5.000e-04
echot= 144.00
filbas= ‘/home/santiago/.lcmodel/basis-sets/3t/press_te35_3t_v3.basis’
filps= ‘/home/santiago/.lcmodel/temp/26d-14h-22m-53s-64pid/ps’
filraw= ‘/home/santiago/.lcmodel/temp/26d-14h-22m-53s-64pid/met/RAW’
hzpppm= 1.2777e+02
icolen= 20
icolst= 1
irowen= 24
irowst= 1
islice= 1
ndcols= 20
ndrows= 24
ndslic= 1
nunfil= 1024
ppmend= 0.2
ppmst= 4.0
title= ‘(2023.12.18 14:30:00) patient_name (dathe of birth) 0.00e+00 mL, TE/TR/NS=144/2000/1 (2D_PRESS_144)’
key = 210387309

I have double checked that test runs works fine.