Liver Fat quantification with Osprey


Thank you for your invaluable support to MRS analysis.

We would like to perform Liver fat quantification (3T Philips unedited MRS data) with osprey.
However, we are encountering problems. Our first question is
Does Osprey support liver fat quantification?

If so how should the job file be defined.

Thank you

/Jens and Mary

Hello Jens and Mary,

Unfortunately, Osprey is mostly focused on the brain, and there are certain assumptions made during processing and fitting that wouldn’t work in this context.

Have you considered using LCModel? Section 9 of the user manual specifically details how to use LCModel to fit lipid signals in the liver. I’ve also seen AMARES used in the Liver (part of the JMRUI package).

Best wishes,

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Hello Chris,

Thank you for the response. Yes, we are using LCModel now for the analysis.
We were just wondering if OSprey could be used as we now use Osprey for the different projects we are working on (Mostly Neuro). As we work with different clinical studies, our goal was to solely rely on Osprey for spectrodata analysis. Once again thank you.

Best wishes.
/Jens and Mary

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