Loading multiple TE dicom data from Siemens

Dear Osprey developers,
Thank you so much for making this incredible software!! i really enjoy using it. While using it, I recently came across some bugs that i don’t know what’s going on.

I have some MRS data that is collected using TE-averaged PRESS sequence. For each subject, we have 32 Siemens dicom data for each TE.

Followed by the osprey tutorial, i enter the Dicom data directory(within this directory were 32 dicom data) into Osprey’s metabolite file, and these files were loaded successfully. However, when i try to process the files, the following errors showed:

error using \
matrix dimension must agree

error op_removeWater (line 92)
phamp = fid_temp’\fid’;

error op_iterativeWaterFilter (line 54)
[out_temp,~,~] = op_removeWater(in,wlim,Kinit,M,plot_bool); % Remove the residual water

error osp_processUnEdited (line 176)
raw = op_iterativeWaterFilter(raw, waterRemovalFreqRange, 32,
fracFID*length(raw.fids), 0);

error OspreyProcess (line 42)
[MRSCont] = osp_processUnEdited(MRSCont);

Thank you so much for your kind help and attention! Please let me know if there’s anything i can do! thanks again!