Magnetic resonance spectroscopy in the rodent brain: Experts' consensus recommendations

Magnetic resonance spectroscopy in the rodent brain: Experts’ consensus recommendations - Lanz - - NMR in Biomedicine - Wiley Online Library

One question was raised after the MRS SG virtual meeting at ISMRM:

  • I am wondering if there is either a repository or a particular group where you can get some of the experts’ recommended sequences from (interested in Bruker’s in my case) for animal MRS that don’t come with the vendor’s system. Particularly, LASER, semiLASER, and SPECIAL by Mariano Uberti.

Dear Mariano,

Your request was forwarded to Julien Valette, working on Bruker PV 6.
At CIBM we are working on a 14T MR scanner having Bruker PV 360.1.1
Also Jamie Near is possibly working on Bruker


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maybe interesting to check

OSF | ExampleRatBrainProtocolSummary.pdf

Alerting @JamieNear to this discussion - Jamie, do you have LASER, sLASER or SPECIAL for Bruker animal systems?

Sorry, I do not. I have mostly used PRESS on our Bruker system. I believe that Xi Chen (Harvard Medical School, McLean Hospital) has developed a SPECIAL sequence for Bruker. Not sure if he is on MRSHub though.

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