MRS GABA evaluation

Hello, dear colleagues. I’m begginer in MRS. Our clinic has a 3 tesla GE Signa Architect. I would like to start researching GABA. Where to start, please tell me. I’ve already read many articles, but nowhere is there a clear description of the sequence of actions. I’m most interested in post-processing.
We have only PROBE multivoxel and single voxel. Is it possible to obtain a spectrum using them? Because everyone in literature uses MEGA-PRESS and only this, is it correct sequence to GABA?
Thank you all in advance for your answers!!!

Hi @Tony ,

For background, I would suggest you start with the excellent “current practices” paper by Mullins et al, Current practice in the use of MEGA-PRESS spectroscopy for the detection of GABA. Although some subtleties may have evolved a little since 2014, the fundamentals are unchanged.

Yes: on a 3T system spectral editing with MEGA-PRESS would be the correct choice as a starting point. There are a handful of other approaches, some of which are described here: In vivo magnetic resonance spectroscopy of GABA: A methodological review. You are unlikely to get consistently good results for GABA using a regular PRESS sequence at this field strength (even if your modelling algorithm reports values for GABA).

When it comes to applying MEGA-PRESS, A comprehensive guide to MEGA-PRESS for GABA measurement is a great place to start.

For processing specifically, Preprocessing, analysis and quantification in single‐voxel magnetic resonance spectroscopy: experts’ consensus recommendations