NEW data processing ERROR!

When I used Gannet version 3.3.1 today, the system reported another error. This display is unable to determine the IP address of the “”. How can I fix this? Thank you!

I also met this error before and I commented the versioncheck line in GannetLoad and it work. I guess this function may just check the version of Gannet and will not influence the processing.


Hi @chenton,

Yes, this could be an issue if your computer has limited internet access (eg, DNS working but web access filtered). Most likely proxy or firewall settings. As a workaround, you could just comment out the VersionCheck call, around line 23 of GannetLoad.m as suggested by @NSniper

@mmikkel, I’ve proposed some updates to VersionCheck which should handle this scenario a bit more cleanly.

Hi, Chuyue
I am very glad to get your help. I would like to know how you modified this order. My system is now reporting a connection timeout. In addition, are you also a researcher from China?

HI, alex
I am very glad to receive your reply, but I still do not know how to modify this code, and can you tell me where the version of mmikkel is released? Thank you again for your attention.

Hi @chenton,

For the workaround: if you just click where it says “line 23” in the error message, it should open up an editor at the correct place.


Then, at the start of the VersionCheck line, add a “%” symbol:


Hi, alex
Thank you very much! My software is finally working! This really excited me! Good luck with your work!
Best wishes

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Hi @alex,

Thanks a lot for this pull request! I’ve pushed it to Gannet/main repository.