[NEW DATASET] fMRS in pain

@arcj (Jessica Archibald, UBC) has uploaded the raw data from her 2020 Sci Rep paper on fMRS in pain!

This dataset contains Philips 3T PRESS data from 15 subjects, and can be found on NITRC.

I’ve added an entry for this dataset to the MRSHub data collection, and while I was there, created a new category for functional MRS data - I have a hunch that we’ll see more of these datasets coming out soon.

Thanks Jess!

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I’ve just read through the paper - it is stated there (and in the NITRC repository) that this is PRESS data at TE = 22 ms, which seems awfully short. Are you sure this isn’t STEAM data? Or maybe a typo in the TE?


No typo or STEAM, @erin.macmillan had to help me out with this one, but we managed to have an awfully short TE because we used a T/R head coil!

She explained to me that since this coil can transmit the RF pulses itself it can play them much faster, so the PRESS sequence is shorter leading to a shorter TE :slight_smile:

Neat! Thanks for clarifying :slight_smile: Forget that I used the word “awful”!

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