Niftii vs DICOM

Osprey requires NIfTI (.nii ) files to be supplied. For GE files, you may also provide the full path to a directory containing the DICOM folders corresponding to the T1 acquisition.”

When I try to import GE DICOM files instead of niftii all the slices in the DICOM file show up in the import tool as individual files and it is impossible to choose more than one of them to import tha data. What am I doing wrong?

Hi @joha09,

Thank you for reaching out and raising this issue!

It was indeed not possible to pick a DICOM folder through the GUI job creator. I have now added a new version to the develop branch which includes a checkbox to allow for this. If this box is checked you will be able to pick the parent DICOM folder which includes the separate slices as .dcm files for each subject. This is then converted into a NIfTI file during the coregistration in Osprey.

Let me know if this works for you.