osp_Load loads exactly half the correct N transients in 3rd dimension

hello, I collected data at 3T with hercules in roughly 50 subjects on a Siemens prisma, and my .dat files all had 3 dimensions: 4096, 64, 440 (col, chan, average)

however, collecting data with the same sequence on a Siemens prisma at a new institution and saving the data in the same way (Twix - .dat) the new data are loaded into Osprey with 4 dimensions. The 3rd and 4th dimensions split transients into 2 sets of exactly half of the correct number of transients: 4096, 58, 220, 2

how do I know how to recombine these two sets in the correct order to get back to my A-B-C-D ordered 440 averages? Is there something I need to do to prevent this from happening?

the functions involved in loading are:
osp_Load > osp_LoadTwix > io_LoadSpec_Twix from the libraries/FID-A in the Osprey-Develop version

Hi there,

Very odd - what are the software versions of the two scanners? Does the new institution have the HERCULES patch? Are you certain that the new acquisition is indeed HERCULES and not MEGA?


thank you! The new scanner with the transients split into 2 dimensions is a 3T1 Prisma with VE11C software. I will have to check about the old scanner where it is working. I will double check with the person who installed but I know that they intended it to be the hercules seq, thanks for your help!