Osprey; Several issues

Dear @Helge and @admin ,

Hope you are doing well. Longtime I do not post here, since that we published our Glutamate article, probably due to the use of Osprey ;). Thanks once again!

I begin a new MRS protocol, and I have a couple of issues (even if there is related topics in the forum, but with no answers): (Osprey v.2.4.0, Matlab 2023a, MEGA-PRESS: Gosia’s sequence)

  1. I have TWIX data, where we have splitted the acquisition in 2. I try to combine all 2 .dat files with the function MRSCont = osp_AverageAllDatasetsAlongExtra(MRSCont);, but it does not work. Not sure to understand why. Related topic

  2. As recommended in you last article on MEGA-PRESS, I used short TE reference scans. However Osprey crash when I used it. Perhaps due to different number of transient between my MEGA-PRESS sequences (water/without water) and the short TE reference scans. Do you have any idea how to deal with that? Related topic

My jobs and BIDS files could be find here (this is my own data, no deidentification, but the link expires in 5 days).



Hi @Frederic,

Nice to hear from you again and congratulations on the paper!

I’ll take a look at the files you have shared and circle back if I have any suggestions or solutions.


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Dear @Helge,
Any update on the issues?