Phase issues in VeSPA simulation with real pulses

Hi community,
I try to simulate 31P basis spectra in VeSPA Simulation. I created my experimentally used sinc pulse in VeSPA Pulse and implemented it in the ideal STEAM version provided in Simulation. I also adjusted timings.
When I now simulate different singlets, I experience phase issues. I thought it might be a phase first order problem, but the phase doesn’t seem to be linear. Did anyone else experience the same problem with sinc excitation pulses and has a hint what might be wrong in my code? Can I somehow check on the gradients used in the simulation and implement refocusing gradients in my code?

Hi Johanna,

I’m just pinging @bsoher to alert him to this post! :slight_smile:


Hi Johanna,

Sorry for the delay. If you go to the Management->Manage Pulse Sequences menu in the Simulation app, you can export your pulse sequence to an XML file and either post it here or email it to me. I can then load it into my Vespa installation and take a look at it.

At the moment, what you describe does sound like a timing issue … :slight_smile:



Hi Brian,

I sent you an email with the .xml file as well as the real pulse I wanna use for the simulations.

Thanks for your reply,