Phillips HERMES fit error in osp_fitInitialise (line 56) on linux machine

Hi all,

Getting the following error code when hitting “model data” on a linux machine:

    Brace indexing is not supported for variables of this
    Error in osp_fitInitialise (line 56)
    if ~(isfield(,'basisSetFile') && ~isempty( && ~isfolder({1}))
    Error in OspreyFit (line 50)
    [MRSCont] = osp_fitInitialise(MRSCont);
    Error in osp_onFit (line 36)
        MRSCont = OspreyFit(MRSCont);
    Error while evaluating UIControl Callback.

The tech in the lab has uploaded osprey onto a few boxes in the lab this week and I have gone to test them and hit this error. The Job file and data work on my linux box so i don’t think it is the data or the job file. I believe the the lab machines and mine are running the most recent osprey and matlab, and are up to date in terms of the operating system.

I tried processing the data through the “create job” gui rather than using “load job” and my edited job file and got a similar error. Will attach my original job card below.

The only 2 things I can see that are differnt to my machine when running this job are 1) the location of the osprey-develop file; I clocked the techy has downloaded it to the software folder of the linux machine (opt) outside of the Matlab folders (but he has added osprey-develop to the Matlab path). and 2) the files are being pulled from a portable harddrive.

I have asked him to move the osprey folder into the Matlab folder on one machine and I will be trying it out tomorrow with the data downloaded onto the machine so I am not routing through the SSD, but figured I would put the error here tonight before going back in tomorrow to see if there is a cause I am overlooking and fix that i can try implementing whilst in the lab.

Any feedback is appreciated!


Osprey_Job_Card_Example.txt (1.4 KB)

Hi @Joseph,

That was a coding error on my side. I have pushed a new version to the develop branch on GitHub that should take care of it.


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Hi @Helge,

Great, cheers for the update (both on here and with the software). I will ask the tech to update the machines on Monday and have another crack at playing with my data. Thanks for the swift resolution!


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