Plotting spectra from saved MRSCont

Hi @Helge,

Is there a function in Osprey that will allow me to plot processed spectra overlaid with the model fits saved in an MRSCont?



Hi @mmikkel,

There is only the mean overview plot function osp_plotOverviewSpec and the osp_plotFit function. If you want to create a plot that, for example, includes all subjects and fits stacked, I usually write a custom script and use the MRSCont.overview entries to do visualize any model results. For example, MRSCont.overview.Osprey.sort_models_voxel_1.GMean.metab includes all model results for all subjects, and you could plot any output there (e.g. data, fit, baseline, res)

See also here:

Hope this answers your question.


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That’s great! Thanks!