Possible error in Glx FitError in GannetFit.m

Hi Gannet team,

I am new to MRS and was going through a standard Gannet (v3.3.2) analysis pipeline to understand better the steps involved in quantifying GABA+Glx.

On inspection of the GannetFit.m code, I think I spotted a potential coding typo in Line 487, whereby Glx.FitError is calculated using the standard deviation of residGABA rather than residGlx:

MRS_struct.out.(vox{kk}).Glx.FitError(ii) = 100 * std(residGABA) / Glxheight;

If this is not an error, it would be insightful to hear an explanation why residGABA is used.


Hi @cwadsley,

Thanks for catching this error! I’ve now corrected it.