Post-doc in fMRSI at Oxford

Hello MRSHubbers,

I’m pleased to say that I’m recruiting for another post-doc. The post is to develop new encoding methods for functional magnetic resonance spectroscopic imaging (fMRSI) in the human brain.


I’m looking for someone to drive the creation of new acquisition and/or reconstruction techniques for fMRSI using ultra-high field (7T) MRI. The project aims to develop novel fMRSI pulse sequences, incorporating cutting edge 7T (parallel transmit) hardware, motion correction, sequence trajectories, and reconstruction techniques. There is substantial scope for customising the role within this overall project aim. The project will integrate with new custom analysis techniques; part of an existing collaboration with WIN’s leading analysis group (which develops FSL). The post-holder will also have opportunities for supervision of students and time to develop their own research interests.

You will be based at the Wellcome Centre for Integrative Neuroimaging, also known as FMRIB, at the University of Oxford. The post is initially for 4 years, funded from a Wellcome Trust award. You’ll join a newly forming spectroscopy group, with a specialism for developing open science tools for magnetic resonance spectroscopy. The tools have a particular focus on developing advanced analysis and acquisition tools for dynamic (functional) spectroscopy of the human brain. See and the list below for some of our recent work. The spectroscopy group is part of the larger WIN/FMRIB Physics Group led by Prof Peter Jezzard and Prof Karla Miller.

WIN/FMRIB is an incredibly friendly, collaborative, and supportive lab. We are lucky to have a huge number of spectroscopy users, who range from neuroscientists to clinicians, and who drive the direction of our technical development. The science we do often takes place across research groups, with physicists, image analysis, software developers, and eventual users all having input. The physics group covers a huge range of research interests and directions, being part of it is a great chance to learn more about cutting-edge MR imaging, reconstruction, and contrasts apart from spectroscopy.

All the gory details can be found in the official job posting. Feel free to get in touch for more details on my email.


Some recent work:
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