Pre-clinical MRS

Hi all,

i was thinking to start a dedicated Topic on pre-clinical MRS
let’s see if it works :slight_smile:



with @JamieNear we would like to start a new project - “Bring the preclinical MRS community closer” and we are looking for interested researchers to contribute.
With this project we would like to:

  • Provide a starting point for a standardized protocol and instructions that new sites can follow
  • Assess within-site and between-site variability of metabolite measures using a ‘standardized’ rodent brain MRS experiment
  • First ideas …
  • used UHF (starting 7T), multi-vendor
  • provide/decide on common brain regions, positioning, anesthesia,
  • provide/decide on common acquisition protocol
    1. * Some parameters, sequences will be suggested
    2. * Some will have to be detailed individually
  • Data preprocessing and analysis
    1. Some steps will be required (i.e. Freq drift corrections, …)
    2. Compare site-by-site vs. single centralized processing/quantification

Let us know if you are interested, we hope you are :slight_smile: