Problem loading Phillips DICOM data

When using Phillips DICOM format for the MRS data, Osprey is reading it as Siemens data and will not load it into the GUI. How can I go around this?

This is the message I get:

All provided datafiles are of the Siemens DICOM format.
Loading raw data from dataset 1 out of 2 total datasets…

PS- I was using job.ima file

Hi Antonia,

Are you using .IMA files!? I’m surprised, my assumption was always that that is the Siemens DICOM flavor, and Philips always produces DCM. Please note that the example jobIMA file that is included in the exampledata folder of Osprey needs to be modified according to your own data. We haven’t included DICOM data in the example folder (not sure why… likely because it’s a bit harder to fully deidentify?), so you’ll have to point to your own.

Also, please provide a complete description of the error message you see (I only see a grey quotation box in your post).