Problems loading SIEMENS MEGAPRESS data in Osprey

Hi All,

I’m having problems loading our development scan MEGAPRESS data into Osprey. Our PRESS data works fine, as does our HERMES data.

I’m not sure whether it’s a problem with the acquisition, the data itself, or the job file set up. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

We have collected two separate voxels (dorsal striatum and parieto-occipital cortex) but the acquisition protocol (excluding voxel dimensions) and errors are identical for both so I have included only the information for the striatum voxel below for simplicity.

When trying to load the data into Osprey I get the following error:
Array indices must be positive integers or logical values.

Error in osp_plotLoad (line 299)
if nAvgs >

Error in osp_iniLoadWindow (line 418)
temp = osp_plotLoad(MRSCont, gui.controls.Selected,‘ref’); %re_mm

Error in osp_onLoad (line 65)

Error while evaluating UIControl Callback.

Below is the content of the job file:

“seqType”: “MEGA”,
“editTarget”: [“GABA”],
“dataScenario”: “invivo”,
“MM3coModel”: “3to2MM”,
“FWHMMM3co”: “”,
“SpecReg”: “RobSpecReg”,
“SubSpecAlignment”: “L2Norm”,
“UnstableWater”: “0”,
“saveLCM”: “0”,
“savejMRUI”: “0”,
“saveVendor”: “0”,
“saveNII”: “0”,
“savePDF”: “0”,
“method”: “Osprey”,
“ECCmetab”: “1”,
“ECCmm”: “1”,
“includeMetabs”: [“default”],
“style”: “Separate”,
“lolim_range”: “0.5”,
“uplim_range”: “4.0”,
“lolim_rangew”: “2.0”,
“uplim_rangew”: “7.4”,
“bLineKnotSpace”: “0.4”,
“fitMM”: “1”,
“files”: ["/Users/peuc11/Desktop/osprey_desktop/MRS_relaibility_dev3/meas_MID00313_FID56998_svs_edit_mgs_univ_MEGAPRESS_STR.dat"],
“files_ref”: ["/Users/peuc11/Desktop/osprey_desktop/MRS_relaibility_dev3/meas_MID00315_FID57000_svs_edit_mgs_univ_H2O_STR.dat"],
“files_nii”: ["/Users/peuc11/Desktop/osprey_desktop/MRS_relaibility_dev3/CHOMRS_test5722_T1MPRAGE.nii"],
“file_stat”: [""],
“outputFolder”: ["/Users/peuc11/Desktop/osprey_desktop/MRS_relaibility_dev3/MEGA_STR"]

I have attached our acquisition protocol as a pdf. Please let me know if there’s anything else I could share that would help diagnose the problem.

CHOMRS2-MEGA_STR.pdf (46.2 KB)

Hi @gmk.rossetti,

Thanks for reaching out. Would you be able to share a MEGA PRESS dataset with me (hzoelln2[at]


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Hi @gmk.rossetti,

I’ve just pushed a fix to the Osprey-develop branch.


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Hi @Helge

Thank you, I really appreciate you taking the time to help.

Best wishes