Question about Acquisition parameters

Hello, everyone. I’m new to Mrs. When I used the analysis software to import data, I found that the collected parameters were inconsistent with the identified parameters. The Vector size was 2048 and the bandwidth was 2500hz. Reasonably, the Vector size should be twice as large as the read bandwidth, which is 4096, but it is 4128 read by the software (osprey) in our room. I would like to ask how to solve it. And whether such Vector size will affect the final quantization result.our MR is SIEMENS MAGNETOM Terra.

Siemens TWIX data (.dat) are twice oversampled compared to the value entered on the exam card and also collect some additional values before the top of the echo (and a few extra at the end too). This is normal.

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thank you very much for replying to me so quickly, I would like to ask if such an acquisition is normal, but will it affect our quantitative results. If you set the basis set according to this parameter, is it based on the parameters after reading or the parameters of the scan card?

The basis set is resampled to match the dimensions of the actual data, not what’s on the exam card.

Thanks, your answer is very helpful.