Research Associate in PETALUTE (novel Rosette) MRI and MRSI for Neuroscience

Exciting opportunity for a Research Associate in MRI Physics for Neuroscience to join Professor Zoe Kourtzi 's Neuroscience team (Adaptive Brain Lab: and MR Physics teams at :

Wolfson Brain Imaging Centre, Cambridge (Prof Guy Williams), Translational Neuroimaging laboratory, Cambridge (Dr Stephen Sawiak) Purdue MRI Facility, School of Health Sciences, Purdue University (Prof Uzay Emir).

Project Focus: The successful applicant will develop and implement innovative ultra high-field MRI and MRS sequences, protocols, and data analysis pipelines to address cutting edge neuroscience questions. They will join a research-focused multi-disciplinary team of MRI physicists and neuroscientists using neuroimaging in both human and animal models for discovery and translational neuroscience.

The research activity is at the core of a Wellcome Trust funded Collaborative award that brings together a cross-disciplinary team of international experts to build cutting edge MRI tools for investigating brain network dynamics for adaptive behaviour. Our work programme bridges work across species (mice, humans) and scales (local circuits, global networks) to uncover the network and neurochemical mechanisms that support learning and brain plasticity.

Development Opportunities: Our collaborative research programme provides unique opportunities for cross-disciplinary training in innovative methodologies at the interface of MRI Physics, animal and human neuroimaging, neurotechnology and computational science. The successful applicant will have the opportunity to participate in workshops and retreats across the network as well as exchange visits across labs to facilitate cross-disciplinary training and collaborative working.

Do not miss the oppportunity to work with #PETALUTE Team