Save vendor files for GE

Hi @admin ,

I am processing GE p files in Osprey, but I am not getting vendor files even though I specified in job file save vendor file = 1 , I am only getting LC Model files which still allows me to run the analysis but I would prefer to run p files in the LC Model. I would be happy to share my data with you for troubleshooting.

Thank you,

Hi Antonia,

Thanks for reaching out - yes, this is a limitation. As of today, Osprey doesn’t have a function to write processed data back into P files, which is rather for historic reasons, as both @Helge and I have primarily worked with Siemens and Philips data over the course of our careers. I’ll add it to our list of future features to implement, but I can’t predict when we’d get to actually doing that. How annoying is using the LCModel files (on a scale of 1-10)? :slight_smile: