Senior engineer (MR physicist) at the 7T Center, Norwegian University of Science and Technology

We currently have a job offer for an MR physicist to work as a senior engineer, full time, permanent position. The main focus for this position is to facilitate and interface the research projects at the 7T MR Center. This involves many different tasks such as optimization of scan-protocols, pulse sequence development, data acquisition, processing and analysis. Ongoing projects use single voxel 1H MRS and look to incorporate 31P MRS, 2H MRS, MRSI and fMRS.

The MR community in Trondheim consists of large group of researchers and clinicians from NTNU and St.Olavs Hospital working together in highly multidisciplinary projects, covering background and competence within MR-physics, medicine, neuroscience, psychology, mathematics, computer science and engineering. This environment offers a unique combination of research and method development.

The 7T Center is localized in the area of St.Olavs Hospital. The imaging facilities at NTNU/St.Olavs Hospital also include PET/MR and 3T MR scanners as well as strong research activities in pre-clinical MR.

Read more here. Application deadline October 23rd 2022.