Siemens DICOM, rda, twix, XA and VE11

Hi All,

I’m using a spectroscopy program that can only read the ‘older’ (VE11) Siemens DICOM format. However the scanners are being updates to XA, and now I’m unable to read in this new DICOM format.

I’ve tried tried saving files as ‘interoperability’. This does allow me to read in the images, but still not the spectroscopy DICOM files.

I also saw that a conversion script was shared on MRShub for rda format:

Is is also possible to convert the XA DICOM format to VE11? What actually is the difference between the .rda format and DICOM format? Is there a conversion program/script available to convert between these formats?


What software are you using to read the XA DICOM data?

RDA data generally contain the same raw MRS data as the MRS DICOMs, but far fewer header fields, so it’s not possible to convert RDA to DICOM. I’m sure it’s theoretically possible to do vice versa although I think that no one ever bothered.


We want to import it into the older Syngo (VE11c) software as we have as a standalone station with this. I know it’s time to move on from this software :slight_smile:

I was thinking maybe it can import the .rda format. But I’m not managing to load the VE11c or XA60 .rda files with io_loadspec_rda.m (in order to convert it). I get the error:

Unable to perform assignment because the indices on the left side are not compatible with the size of
the right side.

Error in io_loadspec_rda (line 77)
rda.PositionVector(1) = str2num(value);

And if I just comment all the PositionVector cases, the next error occurs at fids = fids’;
Transpose on ND array is not defined. Use PERMUTE instead.
where the size of my csi fid is: 1 1024 16 16