Siemens IMA with oversampling

Hi all,

I’m processing some Siemens ima data that has not had oversampling removed, which seems to confuse both Tarquin and Osprey.

For Osprey, the following hack (in io_loadspec_dicom.m) avoids errors and incorrect spectral width:
fids = zeros(DicomHeader.vectorSize*2,length(filesInFolder)); % MJT HACK
dwelltime = DicomHeader.dwellTime * 1e-9 * 1; % MJT HACK
(basically, I’m overriding the logic that detects oversampling removal)

For Tarquin, I copied and modified the ima files using python:
data_ws = ‘./svs.dcm’
data_ws_mod = ‘./svs_mod.dcm’
with open(data_ws,“rb”) as f:
assert s.find(b’sRXSPEC.alDwellTime[0] = 250000’) != -1 # check that dwell time is found and as expected
s=s.replace(b’sRXSPEC.alDwellTime[0] = 250000’,b’sRXSPEC.alDwellTime[0] = 125000’)
with open(data_ws_mod,“wb”) as f:
(Correcting the sampling frequency via the GUI also works, but it didn’t work as a command line option.)

Sharing this in case it’s useful to users or developers.