Siemens .rda file reading difficulty in Gannet

Hi everyone, I’m a student who is new to MRS analysis in general and I am trying to read siemens .rda file with the SiemensRead.m code I am getting following error:

Not enough input arguments.

Error in SiemensRead (line 99)

What can I do to solve this problem?

I would appreciate if you can help me with this.

Hi @MaryT,

Welcome to the world of MRS, and thanks for using Gannet!

The first thing to ask is whether you are using the latest version of Gannet. The second is if you are loading your data according to the instructions on the Gannet documentation website.

Additionally, I would highly advise you not to use the .rda format. If you can, re-export your data from your scanner in the .dat (TWIX) format, as this will allow for better data processing.


Thanks for your quick response. I have tried from the latest version of Gannet again. However, I am getting the following different error:

Warning: The Siemens .rda format is NOT recommended for
use in Gannet. If possible, please re-export your data
in the TWIX (.dat) format.
Unrecognized field name “spec”.

Error in GannetFit (line 40)
freq = MRS_struct.spec.freq;

Error in SiemensRead (line 4)
MRS_struct = GannetFit(MRS_struct);

I am trying to read multivoxel rda data. Could this error occur because of using multivoxel data instead of single voxel. Does Gannet support multivoxel data?

Unfortunately, Gannet only supports single-voxel, edited MRS data.

Okay, thanks a lot for the informing.

different from you,i got almost same question in using GANNET dealing with the IMA files :rofl:

Which error exactly are you referring to?