Siemens XA30 dicoms

Hello all, I’m trying to run some GABA data (Siemens, XA30; CMMR C2P sequence) through the newest version of Gannet (v3.3.0) and was wondering if it’s possible to use the dicom files. Things are working great with the TWIX data (specifying a separate water reference scan), but we are also getting built-in water ref data with our sequence. I can’t figure out how to reference this built-in water reference in the TWIX data, and would be interested in using the dicom files as input if possible since our pipeline here makes that easier than using TWIX data. With the dicoms, I’m getting an error

Reference to non-existent field ‘flNominalB0’
Error in read_dcm_header (line 170)

Any ideas about support for newer dicom formats, or perhaps I’m specifying things wrong-- just pointing to the first .dcm file for each of two directories in metabolites and water ref.

I’m happy to share sample data if this is just a question of a few dicom field names changing and anyone is able to take a look. Thanks so much.

Hi @ewing,

It would be helpful if you could provide (1) sample XA30 TWIX data with the integrated water data, (2) sample DICOM data, and (3) the command syntax you are using to run Gannet. I can then provide better support.


Great, will share the data with you. Many thanks.

Keen to learn about the necessary changes to the DICOM reading procedures, please post here when you figure it out

I’ve updated Gannet to handle XA30 DICOM files (see commit), but I actually checked how Osprey loads DICOM files to make these edits, and that code seems to work.

:pray: :pray: :pray: Many thanks, very helpful!

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@mmikkel Thanks so much for the quick update-- it’s working great!

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