Signal averaging on Gannet

Hello MRSHub Community,

I’d like to gain a deeper understanding of the signal averaging process in Gannet, specifically the Weighted averaging method.

After reading some forum posts, I’ve gathered that this method reduces the influence of low-quality signals in the overall scan. I’m interested in learning more about how it identifies and classifies signals of poor quality.

Unfortunately, the Gannet documentation lacks a detailed description of the Weighted averaging method: (Preprocessing)

Could you please provide more information on how Gannet implements this method? Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for the help,

Hi @Gabriel_Dias,

Thanks for your post about the signal averaging performed in Gannet. I’ve not gotten around to updating the documentation website, but I will try to do so soon.

In the meantime, the weighted averaging approach is described in our paper “Correcting frequency and phase offsets in MRS data using robust spectral registration”. Please email me should you want a copy of the paper.

The code for the averaging method we use can be found on GitHub here.

I hope this helps. Please get in touch should further explanation be needed.


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Hi @Gabriel_Dias,

I’ve now updated the Gannet website with details about the signal averaging procedure.


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Hi @mmikkel,

I will check it. Thank you!