Simulating a basis set for PRESS sequence


I’m currently working on simulating a basis set for my data obtained from a PRESS sequence with the following parameters: TE135, BW: 1200, Npt: 1024, on a 3T Siemens scanner. However, I’ve encountered a hurdle as I don’t have access to the RF and gradient amplitude values as described in the exampleSTEAM.json file. I noticed there was a PRESS.json file in the example dataset, but it seems to have been removed. Additionally, none of the pre-existing basis sets listed here are compatible with my data.

My question is: how can I obtain the RF phase and amplitude values for the mentioned sequence? I’ve attempted to extract this information from the twix header using spec2nii dump, but it doesn’t seem to be available there.

Any guidance on where to find this information or alternative approaches would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

Hello @Behrouz,
do you want to simulate them with fsl-mrs? Then @wclarke can help you maybe.
Is there any reason, that you choose such a low bandwith and number of points for a basis set?
Alternatively, you can try MRSCloud to simulate them (
I guess, that it’s not an easy task to get this information from Siemens, maybe @wclarke and @admin have it for FSL-MRS and MRSCloud, respectively. But I don’t know if they are allowed to share it.


Thanks @hraum for the quick response. Yes, I was trying to simulate the basis set with FSL-MRS. The bandwidth and number of samples are the default settings for a PRESS sequence on 3T Siemens and hence the basis set should match it.

Thank you for your suggestion about using MRSCloud, I just submitted a job to get a suitable basis set for my data. I’ll keep you posted on that.


Hi Behrouz,

MRSCloud should work, I also just kicked off a simulation earlier than I can share once it’s done.


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@admin solution should work. Happy to help you get it to wrk with FSL if that’s what you’re after.

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