Spectra flipped on non edited Philip MRS data sets

Spectrum flipped with Osprey processing on short echo time SV Philips MRS data.

Any suggestions?

Hi Pom,

Are you providing water reference data as well? And do you know whether the metabolite data have been eddy-current-corrected on the scanner already?

If the answers are “yes” and “yes”, try providing the water reference data in the files_w instead of the files_ref field of the job file. That way, Osprey doesn’t use them to perform eddy-current correction, but will still use them for water-scaled quantification.



Thanks Georg for getting back to me.

Switching file_ref to files_w, I got an error in LCModel for missing water unsuppressed files.

I think my 180 flipped spectra output might have been from an over suppressed water ref file, compared to Philips MRS SV data set in Osprey-example data. Can you please point to the code that I can fix this.

Appreciate your comments.