Spectrum in the load data tab is flipping after next steps

I noticed that when I initially load the data (PRESS 35/2000) the spectrum looks as expected:

Then, after the process data step, it flipped and when retuning the the load data step it was also flipped:

I guess this is not what should be expected. Any solutions to improve this?

Thanks in advance,


This is probably resulting from the eddy-current correction already performed on the scanner (if the exam card option is set to ‘Apply Spectral Correction = YES’). Essentially, Osprey doesn’t know because this setting isn’t saved in the exported files, and therefore assumes it has to apply the eddy-current correction again.

Try adding the line

opts.ECC.raw                = 0;  

to your job file (or if you have it already in there, change the value to 1) - see also the template job files in the exampledata folder.