Submission Form Now Available for MRS Database

Hello and Happy New Year!
This past year we published a paper introducing a freely available MRS database. The database includes results as well as all the corresponding experimental methods and study information from published MRS papers. Using this database and included in our publication, we produced a meta-analysis that provided metabolite concentration ranges for healthy and clinical populations and T2 relaxation rates for the the brain. With the continued addition of more research papers, we aim to create a resource that can provide more in depth analyses to identify trends and inform the creation of ‘realistic’ synthetic data.

Currently, there are close to 500 papers that have been added to this database. We have been asked numerous times if there was a submission form to make adding new papers to the database easy and user-friendly. This was always the goal and we’re excited to announce the online submission form is now available!

So, to submit your research to the database, we invite you to use this submission form.

Thanks and let me know if you have questions!
Aaron Gudmundson, Ph.D.

Submission Form: