The results cannot be automatically exported as PDF

Since my previous data was processed by Gannet version 3.1.5. I had to use version 3.1.5. But after the data processing is completed, a special PDF and folder cannot be saved automatically, so I need to save the results manually. How to modify the code to solve this problem, since I have a lot of data, I want to try automatic saving to process the data faster.

Hi @chenton,

I’m not sure what the error is here. Do you mean the figure outputs are not automatically saved as PDF files?


Hi, Mark.
This question is exactly what you said. Figure output is not automatically saved as a PDF file. Can we solve this problem?

Could you please share screenshots of your issue?


These folders do not automatically output when processing data, and the pictures generated in them need me to manually save as PDFS. And the system will show the report in the picture.

It appears there is something wrong with P11777.7 Could you please show the GannetLoad.pdf output?