Unrecognized function or variable 'spm_check_version'


I’ve downloaded the latest Osprey release today and I’m getting the following error when trying to launch it:

Unrecognized function or variable ‘spm_check_version’.

Error in osp_platform>init_platform (line 152)
if ~strcmpi(spm_check_version,‘octave’)

Error in osp_platform (line 63)
if isempty(PLATFORM), PLATFORM = init_platform; end

Error in Osprey (line 37)

I’m using Matlab 2021b and the spm12 main folder is on my matlab path.

Could you please advise?

Thank you,

Hi Andreia,

Try adding SPM to your current path (addpath('/users/andreia/matlab/spm12'), adjust to what you need) before launching. Have you used previous releases and/or Matlab versions without this problem?


Hi Georg,

Thanks for your reply.

SPM was already on my matlab path. Still, removed it and I’ve moved the smp12 folder to C:\Program Files\MATLAB\R2021b\toolbox\smp12 and added it to matlab path again (only the main folder). An osprey window popped up asking to select the SPM-folder path. I did that and then got the same error on matlab.

I’ve used previous releases on my laptop, not sure about which matlab version I used there but now I’m trying to run it on a different machine for the first time.


That is just so very odd. Can you confirm that you have a file called spm_check_version in your spm12 folder?

Just figured what happened… The spm12 folder was inside a folder also named smp12, which happened while unzipping the original folder.

Everything’s working fine, thanks!


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