Vespa Analysis; Setting reference to creatine (3.0 ppm)

Hi, I am a student writing my bachelor thesis with the goal of it being to develop an effective pipeline to quantify metabolites in the brain from volumetric MRSI data. One of the softwares I’m using is Vespa Analysis, and currently I’m stuck on the preprocessing part. I have some data (siemens), and want to do some preprocessing with them before doing the quantification of different metabolites. I was told to suppress water, fix baseline, phase correction and so on, and also change the reference to creatine (3.0 ppm). The part of changing the reference is where I’m struggling for now. I have been trying to adjust the “pivot” value, without succeeding to see any difference on the spectra. As a beginner in this field and the software, I am wondering if anyone knows how this can be done, or have any tips on some sort of literature/manual/guide explaining the the software more detailed. I am aware of the software’s GitHub pages, but I could not find anything about change of reference. Thanks in advance!