Vespa Simulation "Import Error"

Hello dear forum,

First of all, I would like to thank you for the existence of this page. It has helped me a lot! I am currently in an internship and have started working with Vespa. I have installed Vespa as on the Vespa homepage and Vespa Analysis and Pulse work perfectly. However, I have a little problem with Vespa Simulation. That is why I am contacting you here. I can start the Vespa Simulation programme, but when I start a run I get the following message from python “ImportError: attempted relative import with no know parent package”. Since Vespa Analysis and Pulse work, I can’t figure out why Simulation doesn’t work. Unfortunately I’m also a complete amateur when it comes to python and co. I would be very happy to get help from your side!

Have a great day!

Hi Simulta,

Tagging @bsoher here, the Vespa developer.


Hi Simulta,

Sorry for the late reply. (and thanks Georg @admin).

Happy to help with this, thanks for using Vespa! First off, what version of Vespa are you running? You can check in the Menu->About menu item in any application.

Also, when you get your error, does Vespa-Simulation pop up a dialog that offers to let you copy the full Error/Trace message to the clipboard? That message can be very useful to help diagnose the issue. If you can get it and append it to your reply, that’d be excellent. If for some reason it does not offer you this easy option, maybe you could take a screen shot for me?



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