Visualizing phase vs frequency

Hi MRS experts,

I am using FSL_MRS for preprocessing SVS data. It does a great job, though each step looks like a black box to me. I am wondering if there is a tool to visualize phase vs. frequency before and after each preprocessing step. For example, I am curious to see how the phase of FID from each channel is adjusted during coil combination. Thanks.


Have you found the --report option? You can see the data visualised with that. Otherwise you could dig down into some of the underlying routines to see how it’s done and inspect the results. E.g. look at fsl_mrs/utils/preproc/ · master · FSL / fsl_mrs · GitLab

FSL-MRS implements

Thanks @wclarke. I do like the report generated in FSL_MRS, though I don’t see something like spectrogram or phase-frequency plot there. I will dig into your code to see other options.