Voxel Placement Accuracy

Dear Experts,

I am wanting to estimate the accuracy of our voxel placement between trials and participants.

I am able to do this for nifti files, however we have acquired MRS data from a phillips scanner for this data (i.e. producing SPAR/SDAT files).

Has anyone done this before with SPAR/SDAT files? If there is some way I can overlay the voxel placement information from the SPAR/SDAT file onto the T1, I can figure out the rest of the steps from there.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @nathandelang , You can use spec2nii to convert SPAR/SDAT to NIfTI-MRS and then calculate the overlap as you would for NIfTI.

spec2nii philips SDAT_FILE SPAR_FILE

You can then overlay the voxel in something like fsleyes.


Thanks for sharing Will!

I haven’t used python before (currently using MATLAB) but I’ll look into it.


If you prefer working in MATLAB: Osprey can handle SPAR/SDAT data and will automatically create voxel masks and PDF outputs for you. @Helge also recently added a function that transforms all voxel masks into standard space and gives you an overlap plot.
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Thanks Georg!

I’m going through the steps on Osprey and so far it’s very easy to use! Appreciate your help.


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