Water FWHM report

APS is always doing the same. By manually pressing it the user is able to check the outcome (like linewidth) before the scan starts and with that not performing the scan in case of a very bad shim. Linewidth and water suppression levels are stored in the dicom header and can also be checked retrospectively.
AWS is just optimising water suppression level. The level is always “measured” and displayed (if AWS in on or off).

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Dear All,

I defended my MSc thesis on MRS :grinning:
I’d like to appreciate your kind help and valuable tips I received on MRSHUB. :pray: :rose:

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Nice to hear it; you’re most welcome. Congratulations!

Congratulations @NNeda. This is the most wonderful feedback to read and a great motivation to keep this thing going and growing.

Congratulations Neda

Congrats @NNeda . You are most welcome