Basis set simulation for 31P MRS data analysis

Hi Everyone,

I need to create a basis set for 31P MRS data analysis acquired with Bruker 7T pre-clinical system. I am planning on using LCModel to finalize the analysis but do not have a basis set yet to plug in. I would appreciate any idea, guidance on that regarding where to start.



LCModel was originally and explicitly designed for proton. There are ways to make it work for 31P and 13C, but they are a little involved. Quantification of in vivo 31P NMR Brain Spectra using LCModel - PMC ( is probably the best reference to get started.

please drop me an message with your email address.

We have been working on lcmodel, fsl-mrs(@wclarke helped us to transfer lcmodel basis set to fsl-mrs) and spawn for 31P MRSI. With our lcmodel pipeline, our 3D novel rosette ute 31P MRSI apporach got 2nd place at the ismrm reproducibility challenge. We recently tested the 3D novel rosette ute 31P MRSI on the bruker system too (if you are interested in :slight_smile: )

You can find more details in th following GitHub page.

lcmodel data analysis pipeline please use the following link.