Whole Brain 31P MRSI fitting challenge using UTE MRSI novel Rosette Trajectory Data

Dear MRS Community
Following our success of reproducibility challenge using the UTE 31P MRSI with modified Rosette space trajectory, We would like two propose another challenge for the 3D whole brain MRSI data.

For example data, please use the following link, 5 mm3 isotropic spectral bandwidth 2083 Hz at 3T


Hi Uzay,
Thank you for initiating the challenge. However, the link goes to a login page which apparently needs registration.

Hello Amir,

In order to keep things on tract, the webpage requires registration. You can either do yourself or I can register you. I already register you to the system . Please enjoy the data. Let me know if you need further details.


good one, registration finished. keep us updated!

Great. I received the email and registered. Straight forward. Thank you.

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