[DATA SUBMISSION] Multi-site 3T MRS Drift Data

This dataset (NITRC: Multi-site Frequency Drift MR Spectroscopy: Tool/Resource Info) consists of PRESS data acquired before and after running a heavy gradient duty fMRI sequence using standardized protocols for GE, Philips and Siemens scanners. It is distributed freely under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license and consensus from co-authors.

Developer: Hui SCN et al.
Format: SDAT, TWIX, P
Sequence: PRESS
Credit: Please cite the following publications if you use this dataset:

  • Hui SCN, Mikkelsen M, Zöllner HJ et al. Frequency Drift in MR Spectroscopy: An 87-scanner 3T Phantom Study, ISMRM 29th Annual Meeting, May 15-20, 2021, Vancouver
  • Hui SCN, Mikkelsen M, Zöllner HJ, et al. Frequency Drift in MR Spectroscopy at 3T. NeuroImage (under review)
    Contact: stevehui@jhu.edu

Thank you @stevehui! I should be able to add the link before the weekend. Keep submitting good work :slight_smile: