Error in Osprey Quantify

While analyzing Mega-press GABA, following error occurred in quantify process. Fitting process was successful. Do you have any idea how to fix it?

Unrecognized field name “off”.

Error in OspreyMinReport (line 128)
** strings = fieldnames(;**

Error in OspreyOverview (line 1202)
** [MRSCont] = OspreyMinReport(MRSCont);**

Error in osp_onQuant (line 45)
** MRSCont = OspreyOverview(MRSCont);**

Error while evaluating UIControl Callback.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you, Wick

Hi Wick,

Thanks for your feedback! Just a quick question that could possibly solve your problem: Are you using the most recent release ( from last week (07/09/21)?

If this is the case and the problem persists could you double check that your setup of the jobFile is comparable to the example jobSDAT_MEGA. Feel free to post your jobFile here. If I don’t see any obvious errors it would be great if you could share the data with us (we do also have Scripts to de-indentify your data), so that I can take a look at it myself.


Hi Helge,

Issue was with jobfile and I was able to fix the issue. It’s running smoothly now. Thank you for pointing out me in right direction.


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