FSL-MRS: examplePRESS.json

I would like to use FSL-MRS to create a basis set, but I have no idea what to use for the examplePRESS.json

I am working on a 3T GE Discovery

I’m not sure what else to include…

But FSLMRS wants an examplePRESS.json and I wouldn’t know the first thing about where to find that or write one myself.


Alex W.

Hi Alex,

We’ve got some online resources that can help with the understanding of what’s in a basis set, and how to create one. See these videos and the last bit of the online practical.

As an alternative you can use a preexisting basis set without regenerating it via simulation. For example by following the same route in this thread FSL-MRS spec2nii philips dicom dimension issue - #5 by VerenaD, using the published sets from Chris Juchem’s lab.