Metabolite value estimates seem really low?


I’ve been getting super low estimates of GABA and GSH from HERMES and NAA from unedited sLASER in Osprey, even when the data looks OK in all the figures.
As in 0.3 in the CSF corrected GABA outputs, similar for GSH and NAA is like 2-3.

These all seem way too low - any suggestions?


Hi Marilena,

which version are you on and can you provide a test dataset + jobfile?

Are the creatine ratios also wrong? If not it is quite possible that TE or TR is wrongly parsed from either the metabolite or the water data which breaks the quantification. Anyway just fishing in the dark without seeing the data.


Hi Helge,
Version 2.5.0, downloaded today :slight_smile:
I’ll send through some data. The Cr ref values seem low too, so wonder if something is awry earlier. The container seems to have the right TR and TE.
Thank you!!