NIfTI-MRS discussion thread

This is a discussion thread for the NIfTI-MRS format. This carries on the discussion from the slightly confusingly titled BIDs thread (BIDS for Spectroscopy)

Please see the GitHub repository: GitHub - wexeee/mrs_nifti_standard: Code associated with the in vivo MRS NIFTI format specification
A live version of the standard: NIFTI MRS format specification - Google Docs
Pleas see oral presentation 0290 at ISMRM21 (currently available here with login).

Please try out the conversion tool on your data: GitHub - wexeee/spec2nii: Multi-format in vivo MR spectroscopy conversion to NIFTI . (You can get it from Conda or pypi).

Hopefully there will be a pre-print soon to send out and garner any suggestions and feedback from the community.

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