Problems loading Siemens PRESS DICOM data

Hello all,

Thank you for the developers of this software. As a fairly new PhD student that is working on analysing some PRESS data, I’m quite impressed and thankful for its user-friendly design and comprehensive pipeline.

Currently, I’m having a bit of trouble with loading DICOM data exported from a Siemens Skyra machine - software version was syngo MR D11. I have attached the job file and error message received.


jobDCM.txt (8.4 KB)

Error message.txt (1020 Bytes)

Hi Mike,

Thanks for getting in touch. I can load some Siemens DICOM test data on my own machine without any problems. The error message

Error in read_dcm_header (line 29)
tline = fgets(fid); % get first line

Error in io_loadspec_dicom (line 32)
DicomHeader = read_dcm_header(filesInFolder{1});

suggests that Osprey can’t find a file in one of the folders that you specified in the job file

files       = {'H:\PhD\Test\sub-03\ses-01\mrs_GM\sub-03_press_ref'};
files_ref   = {'H:\PhD\Test\sub-03\ses-01\mrs_GM\sub-03_press_wref'};

Can you confirm that these are the two folders where your data is supposed to be found (I’m a bit suspicious that both of them carry the bit ref in them), and that the folders contain nothing but .dcm or .ima files?

If you have made sure that’s the case, please try and share the (de-identified) dataset with us through your institutional file storage or via e-mail (see the Osprey GitHub README file).


Thank you Georg,

Can confirm that both folders are where I exported the single dicom files for each acquisition. I have sent you the de-identified files via email to check over.

Kind regards,

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