Removing individual spectra

I have 44 averages and want to exclude the first 2 and last 2 that are water peaks. Can I do it in Osprey ?
Thanks a lot

I assume you’re talking about the CMRR sequence that acquires water references before and after the metabolite data. Short answer, no, you can’t just simply remove them, but you also wouldn’t want to. We just need to accommodate this sequence properly in the TWIX loader. See the other thread to continue the conversation there.

You are absolutely right :))
I will work on the file you mentioned.

Still sometimes it is also nice to remove one acquisition that is not good. It is what I was used to do on animal data.

Yes, identification and down-weighting of corrupted transients already happens in OspreyProcess using weighted (robust) spectral registration.

That is great Thank you very much

I have trouble with the file. Could I send you the MRS acquisition ? and if so how ?

Thanks a lot

Ideally, you upload a phantom scan to any kind of file hosting service - we don’t have enough disk space on the forum cloud to offer that kind of sharing.